Moncaro applies a unique philosophy in its three production sites, convinced that quality of work and environment inevitably lead to quality of production. Thirty years of experience in organic farming made it possible to extend the methods of guided pest management and low impact cultivation to all vineyards, with great attention to the vegetative and productive balance of the vine.
The extreme care in the winery's work and the most modern technologies are aimed at recreating the conditions which have always allowed the production of fine wines, linked to the territory and reflecting the varietal characteristics of grapes.

In the vineyard

Research in the vineyard and environmentally friendly cultivation methods

The classification of vineyards according to their pedological and microclimatic characteristics (altitude, exposure, soil composition and cultivated vines) in order to determine their vocation and yields per hectare is fundamental for quality purposes. All vine cultivation phases are carefully followed by wine experts who, together with decades of experience of our partners, plan the management of rows of vines in times and ways of execution.
Protection against diseases is conducted with the methods of guided and integrated pest management.
Vine production balance is regulated with accurate dry and green pruning.
Excess production is controlled by thinning the bunches.

Harvesting is done in many steps in order to capture the optimal moment of grape ripening. The historical knowledge of our vineyards and of the different vine varieties as well as the monitoring of climatic conditions make it possible for us to plan the methods and the timing of the transformation into wine even before the harvest.
All harvested grapes are classified and codified according to type, sugar content, health and yield per hectare.

Moncaro began the organic cultivation of vines in 1980.
Today there are more than 60 hectares cultivated according to IFOAM standards and EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 on organic farming.
Furthermore there is the important experience of more than three hundred hectares of vineyards cultivated according to the EEC 2078 directive for low environmental impact productions using a cultivation disciplinary minimizing possible interventions. These vineyards are a testing ground for the techniques of guided and integrated pest management used by Moncaro.
All vineyards are cultivated according to sustainability and balance criteria, trying to prevent rather than cure diseases by monitoring weather conditions and maintaining balanced conditions of the vine, which is stronger and more resistant.

The results achieved, in addition to the qualitative ones witnessed by the awards received by wines, are proven by the return of useful insects in vineyards and even of wild animals in the countryside, it is getting easier to spot different species of birds as well as wild boars, hares, porcupines and even deer in the areas intensely cultivated with vineyards.

In the winery

cutting-edge technologies and methods combined with a passion for wine

Moncaro has a young and dynamic technical staff led by enologist Giuliano D'Ignazi, with the precious collaboration of an internationally renowned enologist such as Riccardo Cotarella.
Many enological collaborations in the past (Chile and Australia) have allowed Moncaro to welcome the best of the old and new world of wine.

The many winemaking techniques used include the perfect temperature control, the extensive use of soft pressing, fermentation with varietal yeasts and lysis on the yeasts, maceration at low temperature, winemaking under protection from air and drying of grapes.

Aging can take place in steel tanks or oak barrels and varies from six to twelve months, up to eighteen months for the Reserves.

Bottling takes place at the Montecarotto winery; the modern, automated lines ensure perfect preservation of all the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and guarantee maximum hygiene and stability over time.
The finished product is then perfectly preserved in a thermo-conditioned environment where the conditions of a cave cellar are recreated by controlling temperature and humidity.
Bottles are left here protected from light and climatic changes in order to allow the ideal aging of our wines and wait for the moment of delivery.


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