On the side of the planet and people

Moncaro is aware of being part of a context characterized by a millenary history and has been committed to the enhancement of the territory in which it operates since its foundation, in full respect of the communities it deals with. The intent to preserve the environment, history and culture of our land is closely linked to the challenges of sustainability to which the world is called to respond.
According to its mission and values, the cooperative intends to commit itself concretely to the achievement of the sustainability goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with particular reference to those that fall within its sphere of activity and possibilities for action.
Strongly convinced of the importance of ensuring the next generations a sustainable and dignified future, the issues of respect for the environment, climate change, responsible and sustainable production, as well as the welfare and protection of workers, play a central role in the policy of the cooperative, which operates according to the principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

All Moncaro's work, as specified in the Code of Business Ethics, is based on some fundamental principles such as:

  • Offering high quality products while respecting the environment
  • Satisfying customers as well as internal and external stakeholders
  • Enhancing the value of human resources, respecting their personality and specificity
  • Managing processes in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality and transparency

Moncaro plays a key role in the pursuit of sustainability goals.



environmental sustainability

Moncaro is aware of the challenges of environmental sustainability to which we are all called to respond, and together with its winemaking partners, is committed to guaranteeing the quality of production by adopting practices aimed at respecting and protecting the environment.


social sustainability

Moncaro promotes the respect and protection of people, enhancing their personality and specificity. The company is aware of the territory and the community in which it is located and is committed to preserving its history and culture, guaranteeing equity and social justice.


economic sustainability

Moncaro generates employment, income and livelihood opportunities through customer focus and the implementation of sustainable farming practices, ensuring lasting growth in economic indicators.

Part of our vines have been cultivated according to the rules of organic farming since 1980.

Moncaro began experimenting with organic vine cultivation in 1980 in accordance with EEC directives, engaging in the study of processes for the continuous improvement of organic products.

Moncaro recently joined VITINNOVA, a project in collaboration with the University of Ancona which aims at spreading innovative management techniques in organic vineyards which can limit the environmental impact and, therefore, the effects of climate change, through the use of alternative substances other than copper. By doing so, it becomes possible to produce wines with a reduced or absent use of a heavy metal which accumulates in the vineyard soils and whose contribution is subject to restrictions.

Conscious of the challenges that the agricultural sector has to face in terms of climate change, Moncaro is constantly committed to the optimization and efficient management of resources, limiting the use of plastic or non-recyclable components as much as possible.

Compliance with the commitments made to customers and all internal and external stakeholders is guaranteed through the control of the entire production chain, which meets sustainability standards, both in terms of raw materials and processes, up to the finished products.

The value of a company no longer depends only on mere economic and financial indicators, but also on the positive externalities resulting from the company's operations, which result in benefits for the territory and the surrounding communities.

To learn more about the actions implemented by Moncaro, we invite you to read our Sustainability Report.


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