Quality is an obligation for us

Our certification process

Adherence to voluntary certifications has always been of great importance to Moncaro: attention to aspects of production involving quality, environment and safety is closely linked to the idea of sustainability which we actively pursue within our company.

The procedures, registrations and strict quality and health specifications necessary for the certifications also cover the production of grapes in the vineyard, thus demonstrating that the Organic and Sustainable Farming criteria followed by Moncaro are rigorously applied.

The production site, intended as a set of production methods, tools and buildings, is certified according to the quality and hygiene criteria of both the United Kingdom, following the BRC (GRADE A) standard, and the European Community with the IFS (HIGHER LEVEL)


Beyond Legal Compliance

In addition to compliance with the requirements of the law (HACCP), through voluntary certifications such as ISO, IFS, BSCI standards, Moncaro is committed to ensuring efficiency and safety as well as quality in environmental, food and work processes.

In January 2021, with the achievement of the EQUALITAS certification, the sustainability of the wine is guaranteed in line with the Code of Business Ethics and as a result of the SUSTAINABILITY REPORT, which leads the cooperative to broaden its horizons even more, especially in a historical moment in which the achievement of the SDGs provided for by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development becomes increasingly urgent.


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